NTU psyche damage as a result of dehumanization

baNTU/waTU/vaNHU psyche health diagnosis

My psyche health,my life,my wellness

There is a need for self diagnostic know-how for one’e psyche health for each member of the baNTU racial group.Its a must that we get to know and determine how much psyche damage that have been done to us and the covert perpetuation of dehumanization and its negative effect to individual memebrs of the baNTU racial group labelled derogatorily or blackened as kiffir/negroes.
E.g the blackening or labellig of baNTU racial group and attaching the subhumans attributes as negros/kiffirs is art and means of humanization.

What’s psyche damage?

-harm done through dehumanization to a human soul, mind, or spirit(god-within);the central force in thought,emotions that determine and effect human behaviour as individuals or to a racial group.
All starts in the psyche(the god-within):good or evil.

*Effects of psyche damage?
What happens to a dehumanized people:psyche damaged?
Rephrased for clarity: what happens to a racial group/a nation or individuals with damaged central force of thoughts?
****loose of humanly traits,characteristics and qualities

*Introspection initiative
There is a need for a must:”baNTU” or blacks introspection( psychology) a looking inward; specifically, the act or process of self-examination, or inspection of one’s own thoughts and feelings; the cognition which the mind has of its own acts and states initiative a means by which to undo our psyche damage as individuals from in within NTU paradigm.

*Definition of dehumanization:
-its an act of degrading with respect from the best of their qualities or to take away humanity; to remove or deny someone or group human qualities, characteristics, or attributes; to impersonalize.
We are also suseptible of doing a pyche damage to ourselves as well,self-dehumanization out of ignorance or exposed to a toxic immediate environment in within a home environment,relationships,those whom we may relate as loved ones or families.(Families not only in the context of home environment but as tribe/ethnicity,nation or group).There are ethnic groups doing psyche damage to their own group members in the context of cultural practice(norms and values)
Self-dehumanizatiob can be more dangerous than external induced psyche damage.
Note:also people can dehumanize each other in within one racial group through ethnic chauvinism apart from racism.

*Resposibility or obligation
-it’s our racial group’s obligation or responsibility to prepare ourselves for our psyche(central source of humanly wellness.

*What is psyche damage?
*Efects o psyhe damage?
*Resposibility or obligation
*We are also suseptible of doing a pyche damage to ourselves as well,self-dehumanization out of ignorance.Such kind of action is more dangerous than external induced psyche damage.
*All starts in the psyche/the god-within:good or evil.

👁NTU enlightenment material remain exclusively baNTU material.If by error or chance if this exclusive baNTU racial groups material fall in the hands of none baNTU/black racial groups,we are not liable for any sort of discomfort or offense that may arise out of reading the this racial exclusive material strictly meant for baNTU by race.
The material content of this piece of work remain property of baNTU enlightenment work in progress to address the dehumanization of baNTU:dispossessing our racial group of humanity and racial dignity.

I don’t post as an authority(to have what l post not validated) ,talk because l have a mouth,for multiple likes/fame or debate(to prove people otherwise(wrong) but for deliberation.
I post on my timeline for enlightenment as basic.Your opinion are welcomed not as premises for debate as long as your opinions are relavant to enlightenment,you are welcome.

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