Logo Objectives

Logo Objectives

  1. Promoting a race First: “ATTITUDE”, amongst people of Afrikan descent globally in our struggle for existence. Regardless of nationality, ethnicity or creed Afrikans are judged equally: globally.
  2. It’s a pre-requisite for African Renascence to Emancipate Africans from Mental slavery.
  3. It’s a pre-requisite for African Renascence. Africans must learn to do everything for themselves not spoon- fed.
  4. Unite Africans {the so-called blacks} over the entire world, as they are a people of a race/skin colour as well as one tree of genealogy.
  5. Overcoming tribalism, which has a negative impact in the lives and future of Africans.
  6. Eradicate prejudice and advice or encourage Africans to stand up for their earthly lives. Africans are master of their destiny.
  7. Current Africans History – amends errors made by our ancestral forefathers who did not think of the future of their descendants by not conserving our tree of genealogy.
  8. Use the trademark as a pro-African ideology to eradicate mental slavery/ Since African Traditions failed us, it is a high time we embrace liberty and treat each African as a unique being.
  9. It’s a non-governmental issue that will never be used by politicians, as me, the founder I am a non-politic

                                                       Reason why I am proud to be African


    • I stood all trials/test and tribulations of time:



    And we will fight alienation/self-denial to make ends meet.


    • No humankind will determine my potential, ability and limitations.


    • I am strongest human species on earth and it is not a curse but a blessing.


    • My skin colour does not determine my potential and render me to a sub-human.


    Africans are an answer to their own challenges; they must be ready to face life challenges. I found it wise to give new insights to fellow Africans so that we can find answers to our own problems.




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