Enslavers have a premises on which they justify heinous crimes agaisnt those whom they dehumanized

Enslavers in their brutal nature designed mechanisms to justify their brute against their victims.
As a counter measure those of us regarded as subhuman by brutes must come up with counter measures and mechanisms to deal with savagery as their nature.Once we learn their natural traits which motivates their brute nature the better we can be ready to deal with brutality contionous perpetrated covertly their natural evilness or lack of empathy.
Afrikans talk about reparation/compensation of our racial dehumanization over the years of abductions/capture and sale of Afrikans to owned like animals by enslavers like property.Enslavers justify such barbaric crimes against Afrikans as they day:there was no laws to criminalize enslavement of Afrikans or that of one human being by another.
What differentiate human beings and other living creature is our conscience or empathy.
Once a human being lacks empathy already he/she have down graded oneself below the:hu(godly)+man(flesh)=human(god in flesh).
Continuous brutality,savagery or barbarity and reign of terror unleashed by those races claiming superiority is totally lack of empathy or conscience elevated to animalism nature.
Bear in mind:Afrikans your is opposite with that of theirs but it doesn’t mean you have to allow yourself to be continously abused by some species lacking empathy.
Learn their to know their nature and be prepared to deal with them accordingly.

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