Mental shackles are dangerous as compared to physical shackles

Afrikans(the so-called blacks race)is a targeted race for covert mental slavery.
The Euro-designed carbon education only prepare Afrikans to be cheerful cheap labour providers.
Afrikans spent years in the so-called learning institutions only to learn:
*former colonial masters langauages since colonialists made an impression into the minds of the colonialized that they brought civilization to the those colonialists dehumanized.
*A Europoid so-called education also mislead Afrikans only those who can cram and retrieve the crammed information get seals of approval through certification:diplomas or degree.However those amongst our Afrikan racial member master to cram like carbon papers for duplication.Those appoved as pseudo intelligence through Europoid fooling systems cannot apply their so-called knowledge in problems solving practically.
******Only people acquire information/know-how(knowldge)in their first langauages grasp what they learn and capable of applying their knowledge practically in problem solving******
In other words Afrikans are taken for a ride that we regard learning and mastering former colonial masters langauages as measure for intelligence,capability or a measure to determine potentiality.
Ntu inspired­čĹü

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