Mental shackles are dangerous as compared to physical shackles

Afrikans(the so-called blacks race)is a targeted race for covert mental slavery.
The Euro-designed carbon education only prepare Afrikans to be cheerful cheap labour providers.
Afrikans spent years in the so-called learning institutions only to learn:
*former colonial masters langauages since colonialists made an impression into the minds of the colonialized that they brought civilization to the those colonialists dehumanized.
*A Europoid so-called education also mislead Afrikans only those who can cram and retrieve the crammed information get seals of approval through certification:diplomas or degree.However those amongst our Afrikan racial member master to cram like carbon papers for duplication.Those appoved as pseudo intelligence through Europoid fooling systems cannot apply their so-called knowledge in problems solving practically.
******Only people acquire information/know-how(knowldge)in their first langauages grasp what they learn and capable of applying their knowledge practically in problem solving******
In other words Afrikans are taken for a ride that we regard learning and mastering former colonial masters langauages as measure for intelligence,capability or a measure to determine potentiality.
Ntu inspired­čĹü

Evil is evil without regard to race/skin colours

The elites use censorship as manipulative means to control public
Disapproval of continous evilness perpetrated by the elites is regarded as evil than the doing evil il.
They do evil and determine how and what you must feel about the evil perpetrated against you?
It is regarded as a hate crime to complain, discuss or disapprove of covert racism/racial polarization as far the elites are concerned.
Restrive or draconian like rules are established to restrict people from talking about basic rights of people being violeted.
In as much as any form of evilness must be condemned, no evil is exceptional.
Evil is evil without regard to racial groups.
Yellow on yellow, green on green, red on red, whatever colours evil must be regarded as evil.

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