Afrikan/NTU/black or negroe history and analysis

Study and analyze history closely not that we may change the past but to prepare for a future
Since abduction,sale and transportation of Afrikans as owned property:enslavement until the 18th century they claimed to have abolished slavery.Is questionae?
The enslavement of Afrikans was never abolished but a plan to colonize Afrika(imperialism) was found to be more profitable than guarding the enslaved by guns and high risks of revolting enslaved Afrikans.
Over the years enslavement the slavers studied the means and methods to make wilful slaves of the enslaved: i.e control of their mind.
There are effective methods that were discovered particularly to be applied in the making of slaves(willful docile and submissive people with no expectation of rebillion from any evil inflicted into the victim.
*Breaking the morales of the victims through various methods of dehumanization and continues doing the same.
Once a human being is broken the victim loose self-confidence, despise oneself, the victim condemn onself and harshily judge oneself as incomplete resulting into low-self-esteem always seeking approval to assert self-worth from the abuser by being submissive.
Enslavement of Afrikans wasn’t abolished in the 18th century but it was transformed from abduction, sale and transportation of Afrikans as owned property to provide foeced unpaid labour into imperialism.
Preparation of colonization of Afrika
Afrikans’ cultural values, norms and languages were discredited that we adopt languages of imperialists as a yardstick measure for supremacy.
Still a day today:Afrikans invest time in trying to master and be eloquent in the none than Afrikan languages to feel good and accepted as clever.
So is the dressing code:Afrika with high temperatures you see Afrikans putting on suits and ties emulating a people that dehumanized our race and still doing so indirectly through racial polarization.

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