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What denotes? “TU/NTU/NHU” or “THO” (singular) altruism (Ubuntu/hunhu/botho) as morality defined us as a people in the Sub-Sahara Afrika before abduction and captivity of NTU(present day Afrikan people, mental slavery, imperialism and colonialism (defined by egoism/egotism)Geographically dialectic: ‘ntu/nhu/tho’, with various prefix depending on indigenous Sub Sahara ethnic groups


Ethnic group/language


singular with or without prefix


plural/collectively with prefix

(Nguni languages) umu(prefix) + ntu = umuntu ba(prefix) +ntu = bantu
Swahili m(prefix) + tu = mtu wa(prefix) tu = watu
Shona/Shangaan mu(prefix)+ nhu = munhu va(prefix)+ nhu = vanhu
Venda mu(prefix) + thu = mutho va(prefix) + thu = vathu
Tswana/Sotho/Pedi   mo(prefix)+ tho =motho ba(prefix)+ tho = batho

Historically: Nhu/Ntu/tho denoted to race, racial-identity, moral-values (Ubuntu/botho/hunhu) altruism being a core/centre of our culture and belief (Spirituality). Until some people from other continents with different physically features landed into Bantu kingdoms. Some factors led to assumption of other racial-identity names for the Bantu/Vanhu/Batho. Some racial-identity names amongst them were derogatory: e.g. negro, kiffir and so on.

It is an insult to our racial intelligence, capabilities and our Vanhu/Bantu/Batho forbearers: couldn’t have what it takes to identify our race in humane dignity.

There was no black as racial-identity by then but BANTU/VANHU/BATHO until certain era in human history. Some other factors and survival mechanisms by some races resulted into a need to instill self-denial into the bantu people in order to effect and influence our racial behaviour into another man’s making.



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