The entire human family is governed by a common law of nature “we are created for a reason and only {Supreme Being}Mother Nature determine the quality of every one’s potentiality and shape our destiny.” However due to man’s natural weaknesses; we end up take advantage of fellow humans and live at their expense.

Since man’s life is governed by a learned behavior and acquired skills, the quality of knowledge we acquire through process of socialization also from formal education structures shapes our entire well-being. It is a high time we must revise our design for life {culture} and African history from an African Perspective that was never manipulated by people with own agenda apart from serving Africans.

It sounds absurd {how?} “AFRICAN CONSCIOUSNESS” concept approaches African values/norms with a critic but constructive approach. The soon the better we break this fear of change we work for a better continent and world. It is a social obligation to each individual African regardless of status, belief, ethnicity, nationality and creed to contribute in the transformation of our mother continent which may begin in-within an Individual.

Africans’ design for life failed us dismally in our trial of times; tribal relations, slavery, colonialism and the post-colonial challenges we face. As long as we not consider the negative impact of our African cultures, we will continue with our self-destructive behaviour and play the blame-game. The blame-game not a solution to challenges that we face as a race across the world, it is time we face this deep-rooted problems that has come to define our Africanness.  Some of life problems are inherent; we must revise our African Heritage for the good of any African and the coming Africans generations.

Man has travelled across the oceans and landed on the moon but Africans are still killing each other due to different ethnicity. We still treat fellow Africans of different ethnic groups just like any past African generation used to do. The past Africans’ generations are better than our current generations since their environment shaped their behaviour. Our current African generation is exposed to science and all the modern technology but we still remain clinging to the out-dated so called Africanness traditions with a destructive behaviour deep-rooted into it.

Africans are an answer to the challenges that we face as a race and continent but as long as we are not willing to work towards change we shall continue to live in shame and pain of self-destructive design for life. We must accept the truth and be ready to transform our continent. Denying reality will never take us anywhere but continuing exacerbates Africa’s woes. We will contribute to our own pain willingly but ignorant.  The burden of pain will be passed from African generation to the other as it has been in the past and present.

Due to inevitable changes brought about by time we must brace ourselves for transformation of our African traditions to meet challenges of time. There is nothing evil with African norms and values but we must add extra chapters that will cover interactions of people from different (traditions)/ethnicity or nationalities.

Africans will never face their earthly challenges without a total sense of self-realization. A sense of bodily-self plays a vital role in the shaping of human behaviour. The better knowledge of oneself’ the better chances and confidence an individual have in facing life challenges and tackle daily problem.

Africans not {self-hate/ stereotype who are still hanging on the wrong and biased information or history} are the beneficiaries of this piece of work. It is an Afro-centric matter being addressed to true Africans not empty vessels-types of Africans who are easily used by people of colour with mutual interest to be gained out of Africans expense.

HomeThis piece of work is Afro-Centric, African brothers and sisters regardless of nationality, tribe, culture or creed. None but Africans collectively will make African Renascence goal become true. The “AFRICAN CONSCIOUSNESS” is not a new ideology but a new approach to unidentified weakness that are deeply- rooted in our Africanness. It will fulfill uncompleted objectives that were not met by Black Consciousness. All relevant matters that were never identified as problems in our Africanness will be addressed with no fear. The time that we shall identify our mistakes, accept them will be a change of history since we will get life lessons and never allow history to repeat itself. The root-cause to Africa’s woes is deep-rooted in our African traditions which have been shaped by factors that are beyond human controlled. Errors made by past African past generations must be used as guiding pillars to a better future of Africa by Africans.

Reading this manuscript must be a process that takes soul-searching/mind-searching that after completion, every individual will have new life perspective and a different self-understanding. I cannot advice anyone to read this piece of work like a novel, it is a life matter that has to be treated with much respect; if you do not feel the same way you rather stop reading and enjoy your life from a cup of self-hate and denial. It is advisable to jot some notes as you must analyze, reason and judge through the course of reading this piece of work of “AFRICAN CONSCIOUSNESS”. It may be a complex matter that may be scary, challenging and requires extra effort to be understood. Some Africans may even choose to have nothing to do with it or work against it since it may violet their moral principle and credit that they give to people of colour when it comes to life matters.

Although a life perception differs from Individual to Individual but all Africans we have something in common: race, tied by blood and our tree of genealogy so does the way people of colour’s perception about our humanity.

Although damage was done to Africans, our continent {Africa} and our earthly life but we cannot stand aside and relax: blaming it on the past and live in abject poverty. Our African past generations are to blame for failing to conserve our tree of genealogy, that led to our dismally failure in our trial times: tribal relations {tribal incited hatred}; slavery, colonialism and the negative impact of poor tribal relations in the post-colonial challenges in Africa. The wise learn from their errors and never allow history to repeat “itself”.  “AFRICAN CONSCIOUSNESS” is not meant to fighting for Africans’ rights but educate Africans’ of their rights so that they can claim their space whenever necessary. Some pro-Africans movements failed to materialize because the founders fought for Africans’ right. If Africans are educated of their rights to a humane life they will be ready to defend them from anything or force that will threaten their rights to humane life.

It is normal for people to have personal opinions towards fellow humans but very unfortunate for Africans’ situation. Although we are to blame for our unfortunate life circumstance but that does not mean our right to life would be violated by anybody with own mutual agenda.

We contributed to our dismally, fall from grace but it is time to change our history, ever since we started to work on AFRICAN CONSCIOUSNESS” matter; it was a change of African history. We shall revisit our African history: identify our own mistakes and use them as guiding pillars for a better Africa. The root-cause to our life problems was deeply-rooted in our designs for life/culture. It is a bit difficult to address this matter since a few may understand and accept and willing to sacrifice their only valued treasure “culture” for transformation to prevail.

There are factors that influence a design for life for the entire human family without regard to race or demography. Environment, climate and quality of gifts determine the shaping of human behaviour. The factors that affect human behaviour are:

  • Environment
  • Climate
  • Quality of potential
  • Temperature
  • Natural Resources
  • Exposure

We shall get knowledge and understand how African traditions as  none- evolving survival mechanism failed us dismally in our trial times? It does not mean that Africans are less-brainy as anthropologist from hell wrote about Africa. How could they have told the truth since they were not Africans, have no knowledge of how it feels to be African? It was based on an opinion and meant to save a purpose: to alienate Africans from being in touch of life and the world (self-extension).

They wrote evil of Africa and Africans but time told the truth about our Africanness. We struggled for the end to slavery, colonialism and still struggle for our liberty and taking a first place in the shaping of our own destiny. Now we have knowledge and understand the loop holes in our cultures that led to our fall from grace. We shall use our past errors as guiding pillars to a better Africa by Africans.


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