Reasons why Afrika/Afrikans have no nich orlagging behindas far as innovativeness is concerned

Reason number 2:as Afrikans, we are tricked to be more carbon paper-like duplicators/cramming being the measure for intelligence instead of being critic thinkers or being creative as guidelines to measure intelligence.
Whilst creativeness or innovativeness rule or conqour the world.
People who inventing every machines had capabilities to see life from open mental-eye without limits.
Afrikan school curriculum must introduce being creative and award credit to being creative than cramming and reciting what has been already written by other people.
Although Afrika may need heroines and heroic Afrikans in our racial re-invention after years of dehumanization,there must be survival mechanism from an Afro-paradigm that it can be our racial obligation to learn ideal survival skills for each member of the Afrikan race.